Impetus for smarter delivery solutions

Anyone who knows anything about transport knows that if one or more pairs of a truck’s bogie wheels are suspended off the ground, there’s too much air and too little cargo. Unfortunately, unused bogie wheels are common on our roads. This simply isn’t sustainable.

Transporting air is economically and ecologically unsustainable. Having too many intermediaries in third-party logistics is equally unsustainable. They can result in inefficient logistics planning with half-empty consignments and consequently an adverse environmental impact, unnecessary costs due to the low load factor, and poor control over drivers’ working conditions.

And it goes without saying that giving recipients little flexibility in terms of where, when, and how they can receive their deliveries is also unsustainable. Although building materials may be bought at the same time, it may not be necessary to have them delivered at the same time. Many time- and resource-intensive trips are currently made to pick up goods that cannot be delivered when and where the recipient can receive them.

This is why we at InQuire see sustainability as the single most important impetus behind smarter delivery solutions. Ecological, economic, and social sustainability.