InQuire is changing the rules of the game

Since our inception in 2010, we have been driven by the desire to change and evolve logistics and deliveries. That’s why we are a partner of the Game Changing Alliance. The companies in the alliance are united behind the vision of an upgraded transport and logistics system.

The alliance members are experts and pioneers in their fields. We all agree that we face three major challenges that require our collective attention:

  • Energy supply needs to become more sustainable, future-proof, and cost-effective.

  • The level of technology needs to be raised throughout the system to harness the
    potential for improvement.

  • New business models are needed to adapt to a new foundation where fossil-fuel-free operations, social sustainability, and resource efficiency coexist—not compete—with productivity and profitability.

InQuire brings extensive experience and knowledge of how things work in the everyday logistics and delivery landscape. We know how to reduce customer costs by 15–30 percent, increase delivery service, reduce environmental impact, and improve driver working conditions. 

With our software platform, Way Delivery Chain Management, all processes, methods, and algorithms in the delivery network are optimized. The platform, combined with a business model that challenges today’s traditional standards, provides a unique perspective that, together with the expertise of other members, creates a whole that is much greater than the sum of its parts.

Sometimes, the rules of the game simply need to be changed for us to move forward.