In IT, a cookie is a small text file that is transferred from a website to the user’s computer. This text file cannot contain any virus or anything that could harm your computer. The cookie contains information about your visit and is used for technical purposes to improve the site for you as a user.

For more information (in Swedish) about the law on cookies, visit the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority’s website on cookies.


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Names: _ga och _gid – domain:
These two cookies contain an ID that is created when a visitor arrives at the website. This ID is used by Google Analytics to compile information about things like statistics and behavioural flows on the website.

Name: inquire-cookie – domain:
This cookie contains a simple number that controls how the cookie box is displayed.


Personal data submitted to InQuire via forms on the website is saved for marketing purposes and to enable recurring contact. The details are saved for six months.

To have your details deleted, please contact

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