Exceed all your delivery promises

In a fiercely competitive and constantly changing market catering for customers and consumers who increasingly want choice over their deliveries, logistics is becoming more and more important. Consequently, efficient logistics is about fulfilling and exceeding your delivery promises, while delivering good results in terms of sustainability and your income statement.

Unfortunately, despite the importance of smart logistics, the most commonly transported item in trucks around the world is likely to be just air. And the opportunities for recipients to choose when, where, and how their deliveries are made are few and far between. We want to change this. And this is the basis for InQuire’s business.

Since being founded in 2010, InQuire has worked to provide smart delivery solutions for its customers, often by taking responsibility for logistics operations as a whole. In most cases we can reduce our clients’ logistics costs by 20 to 40 percent, reduce the environmental impact of goods flows considerably, and improve drivers’ working conditions.

As an independent player in the market, we develop optimal solutions and select the best carriers. At the heart of the business is IQPL – Intelligent Partner of Logistics – a model developed to manage our customers’ logistics as efficiently as possible. We believe this approach is unique in the industry, which is why we’ve also given it its own name – Delivery Chain Management.


IQPL – Intelligent Partner of Logistics – is the model that the whole business is based on and run according to. The model contains our methods, processes, and IT tools. By working according to a standardised model, we can develop and be efficient, flexible, and innovative.

IQPL consists of nine processes and functions, broken down into various sub-areas at several levels. Each sub-area is standardised and can be combined in different ways, making the whole model flexible and adaptable. Each area is continuously developed as we identify opportunities for even better solutions. As IQPL is standardised and broken down into these components, changes are usually implemented very quickly.

The model has proved effective so the rate of development is high. The basic idea is that it is better to make many small changes continuously and immediately than try to implement major developments that are complex and protracted and which perhaps never come to fruition. In addition, the methods focus on the small things that are usually overlooked.

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