Jenny Albinsson has worked at InQuire since 2012 and is now a Process Developer.

What does a Process Developer do?

“To put it simply, I’m responsible for ongoing improvements of our beverage logistics. I help to map and set the requirements for processes and system development, and make sure everything is correct and efficient.”

You started in 2012. What else have you worked on at InQuire?

“I started in operations management for beverage logistics, after which I was involved in setting up operations for Elgiganten. At the time, InQuire was small so I was able to get involved with a lot of the work. After that I started tactical planning for the beverages. I set plans and schedules for our deliveries, both regular deliveries and at peak times, such as Christmas, New Year, Easter, and Midsummer, when it’s especially important that deliveries are planned carefully. It was just me to start with, and before I started as Process Developer, I was Head of Tactical Planning where I led a team. So, I had the opportunity to evolve within InQuire, which I appreciate.”

Why do you enjoy working at InQuire?

“I have very good colleagues. It’s a great team with a lovely atmosphere. Now I’ve been here for several years, I feel like part of the company. I’ve always been able to have good dialogue with everyone.”