Some real good shit

We must protect our natural pastures.
Pasture is land that has never been fertilised with
anything other than some real good shit that
dung beetles absolutely love. Pasture is a
cultural environment in its own right that has
existed for centuries. These open landscapes
are so rich in plants, insects, and animals
that they’re comparable with rainforests.

But in order for pasture to retain its diversity, it
must be grazed. That’s why we’re supporting
the WWF’s efforts to promote natural pastures
and the meat they produce.

What’s more, did you know that cows grazed
on pasture fart less and their meat tastes
better? So enjoy a barbecue every now and
then (but not too often) and make sure you
enjoy good meat when you do.

InQuire wishes you all
a lovely summer

This summer, we’re making a donation to
WWF to support their efforts in
preserving Sweden’s natural pastures.