Unrestricted travel

It’s certainly been an unsettling and
uncertain spring. And the summer is also
bound to feel strange. But even though we
can’t travel ourselves, here at InQuire we’re making
sure that all our wonderful pollinating insects
have somewhere nice to stay.
And you can do the same!

If you want to give our little flying fertilisers
somewhere they really love, then let your
lawn grow into a beautiful meadow. Insects
and hedgehogs will enjoy it much more, and
you won’t have to mow the lawn! Instead
you can lie on your summer meadow,
listen to the buzz of the bumblebees,
and lose yourself in your imagination
– there are no restrictions here.

To give our vital insects a little extra help,
we’re sponsoring 10,000 worker bees at
Nolhaga Bigård and supporting the
Swedish Society for Nature Conservation’s
Save the Bees project.

Look after each other this summer,
and stay safe.